My daily planner

I could go on for days about planners and planning because I am a pen and paper girl. I have used planners from a variety of planner companies and even different layouts. I have tried having everything in one planner, to having separate planners for different things.

I have a daily planner which has space for different categories, and it is a quarterly planner. It is from Erin Condren and it is their new petite planner. I recently switched to this set-up and once I have used it for a while longer I will do a detailed review. I use it for my to do list each day and tasks I want to accomplish for social media and writing. I also have a space for health and wellness things.

I also homeschool three children and will use a teacher planner, also from Erin Condren, for the upcoming school year. My oldest will do 9th grade work, so I will have her own little planner to keep track of things. The other two will do 6th grade and 3rd grade work and I will spend the next month organizing things and getting ready for the new school year.

What do you use for a daily planner? Do you use more than one? And if you use more than one, what do you use each for? Let me know.

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Recently adopted the RV lifestyle and aims to travel the country with her husband, three kids and cat. Lifelong dream of becoming a paid, published writer and hopes the change of scenery will inspire the writing gene. After traveling for a bit, She has continued living in an RV, but has stayed stationary and has finally made a dent in the books she is writing.

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