Life and all her friends

Here it is another month is close to saying goodbye and here I am posting another update about my writing. I had to make the difficult decision to postpone the release of my small town romance novel another month due to life and all the curveballs it can throw.

I had planned on being in the warm state of Texas, but due to circumstances outside of my control our family had to hit the road and here we are in the not so sunny snow in the Pacific Northwest. My hope and dream is we can say adieu to this part of the world in the next month or two and head towards the sunshine once again.

In the meantime, I will do my absolute best to enjoy the small bits of sunshine in between the early sunsets and cloudy days ahead. Less sunshine also means more time to sit inside and write or create.

But what happens when the need to write and create is there, but the muse seems to take a vacation? You postpone things and change plans. I could’ve maybe rushed and published the book on time, but I also know the quality would not have been the best.

And that is life. I could be mad and angry at everyone and everything what would be the point? I am perfectly content being mad about the weather and complaining about the snow everyday until it is gone. I’m kidding. Sort of.

All of that to say: love and sunsets will be released on March 23rd

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Recently adopted the RV lifestyle and aims to travel the country with her husband, three kids and cat. Lifelong dream of becoming a paid, published writer and hopes the change of scenery will inspire the writing gene. After traveling for a bit, She has continued living in an RV, but has stayed stationary and has finally made a dent in the books she is writing.

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