Time Change and Sleep

This weekend in the United States, most of the states changed their clocks to spring ahead an hour. It also means we lost an hour of sleep Saturday night. It is now early Monday morning and I finally feel as though my sleep is caught up, or at least I’m not dragging like I was yesterday.

Writing Things

I am nearly finished with Love and Sunsets with only a closing scene to complete. This book is not your typical novel length, which has been the pattern for me with this series. I am not an over writer, by any means, but more like an under writer.

This week I plan to finish the scene and input the edits, which are not many, then upload it in all the places. This book, Love and Sunsets, will be another short story, which is perfectly fine. Not every book published needs to be a 300 page epic story. But also, I feel like I may be taking a different path for the next book I will be writing, so stay tuned for that news.

Travel Things

In regards to the travel side of life, there isn’t much to talk about. It’s been raining off and on this past week, but I’ll take the rain over snow any day of the week. We probably won’t be traveling away from the Portland area for at least a month. This means I most likely won’t have much to share in regards to travel, but if we go see cool things like the rose garden, or take a visit to the zoo or a historic site then I will definitely talk about it. I’ll even share a picture or two.


Thank you to each and everyone who takes the time to read my posts here. I’m still trying to figure out what to share and when to share it.

Stephanie has long wavy hair and is looking into the camera. She is wearing glasses and is standing in front of a beige wall with words on it. They say: work hard.

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Recently adopted the RV lifestyle and aims to travel the country with her husband, three kids and cat. Lifelong dream of becoming a paid, published writer and hopes the change of scenery will inspire the writing gene. After traveling for a bit, She has continued living in an RV, but has stayed stationary and has finally made a dent in the books she is writing.

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