Author Needs

What do I need as an author?

It is a question often asked by indie authors as well as traditionally published authors. One answer which seems to be the answer given to most is:

You got to have a website!

Another one is:

Newsletter is the way to go!

I have missed feelings about the newsletter answer. I understand the purpose and reasoning behind a newsletter, but what happens if there are no subs after months? I have a newsletter link I share here s d other places, but I’ve had next to zero interest. I am sure it’s partly due to me not offering a reader magnet of some kind.

The other answer of having a website as an author is also a great resource. As an author, even one who is not yet published, having a website with your own domain is definitely worth it.

But next comes the question of what to include on a website as an author.

First, there should definitely be a page where readers can see all of the books you’ve written. I understand not everyone has a store through their website, but an excellent idea would be to have a link to buy each book where it is available.

Secondly, any social links should be shared on the website. Some authors have a separate page with all the links, while others have the icons on the top of the home page. However it is done, I feel it is important for readers to be able to follow you elsewhere. And lastly, and this piece of advice I am not the best at following, but authors should share a post with book updates, behind the scene updates or even a book they’ve read recently.

But what happens if you feel like your life is boring? What happens if you have no writing update to share? There are many places one could find writing prompt ideas and suggestions of things to share, which reminds me of one resource I might start using again.

Check out the Evergreen Author Platform Bundle from Marisa Mohi

The Evergreen Author Platform Bundle is not only a list of prompts, but it also helps with finding keywords for search engine optimization as well as writer related hashtags. There’s also tips to help you grow your instagram following, among other helpful advice. I used it to create a short series of videos title Get To Know The Author which you can view here, but I think I might actually follow my own advice and use it here as well.

What advice do you have for an new author? Do you feel a website is more practical or perhaps a newsletter?

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