How To Use Prompts

It’s been quite some time since I have shared an update, but I know I am not the only one to say life gets carried away sometimes. We traveled and saw all sorts of places and met people along the way, but today’s post is about prompts.

How to use prompts and when should they be used?

As 2021 was coming to a close, I knew I wanted to head into 2022 with more of a consistent YouTube upload schedule. I had attempted to create a schedule of videos and even wrote topics to talk about on more than one occasion, but the ideas rarely held my attention. Enter the holy grail of prompts!

The Evergreen Author Platform Bundle from Marisa Mohi saved me from coming up with a long list of interesting topics to share. In the bundle, there are several files included, one of which is a long list of related hashtags depending on the topic you want. There is also a list of 365 prompts and this is the prompt list I have fallen in love with and am currently using. I used the prompts on the list from The Evergreen Author Platform Bundle for video ideas and if you check out my channel, there are, as of today, four videos that are short 5-10 minutes based on the prompts.

Prompts are useful because they can help with writing ideas, video ideas, and blog posts. These prompts are author-specific, but I am sure there are prompts for any situation in which you may need inspiration.

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Recently adopted the RV lifestyle and aims to travel the country with her husband, three kids and cat. Lifelong dream of becoming a paid, published writer and hopes the change of scenery will inspire the writing gene. After traveling for a bit, She has continued living in an RV, but has stayed stationary and has finally made a dent in the books she is writing.

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